Terms and Conditions

J&D Courier Express assumes all responsibility of cargo once the cargo is in our possession, and assures the shipper(customer) that the entire cargo will be delivered in the same condition as visible when accepted at pickup location.

Shipper (Customer) and J&D Courier Express will agree to a detailed and specific term of service prior to pickup and delivery, and photos of cargo will be taken at pickup point to ensure cargo is in same condition when delivered.
It is the responsibility of the Shipper (Customer) to ensure that proper packaging is used, and that the contents of packages, and boxes are adequately and securely packed, wrapped, and cushioned for transportation.
Acceptance of enclosed packages or boxes by J&D Courier Express is not an indication that the Package or box is packed adequately and securely. It is solely the responsibility of the shipper (Customer) to apply all proper packaging to insure safe transportation of enclosed cargo as mentioned above.
J&D Courier Express will not except responsibility for any damage that is do to faulty packaging.
Shipments refused at the delivery point, or which cannot be delivered will be returned to the Shipper at Shipper’s expense, including, but not limited to, forwarding costs, return transportation charges and all other applicable charges.
Any redirection of freight, cargo, or any type of package to a different location will have additional costs than what initially quoted.

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